Better dashboard error reporting [FEAT -1243]

Currently when there is an error processing a task on the dashboard, you can barely get more information other than an error occurred. There should be more detailed error reporting available from the dashboard.

Really great feedback @dpagini! :star: Will pass this along to the team!

Just want to provide a more concrete example here…

I just finished requesting in the dashboard that a new multidev be created. The workflow apparently errored, see screenshot below.
I have no idea what the error actually is. I tried using the Terminus $ terminus workflow:list commands to get more details, but I just don’t know anyway to get an idea of what went wrong here, or if this is something I need to worry about.

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Thanks for sharing @dpagini! I just commented on the existing JIRA ticket that product has in their queue with your example.

Do you need help with the error itself? I know you said you aren’t sure so I am happy to do some digging here to confirm for you.

That’s OK, thanks for the offer though! It was a pretty trivial reason to spin up a site, and it appeared to do what I wanted to accomplish, so I did what I needed to and deleted the multidev already.

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Of course, happy to help anytime! Glad you were able to get it sorted :slight_smile: